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Did you catch this Dave Grohl burn of Taylor Swift? This is war.

Wargames experts have identified several scenarios that could lead to World War III. First, NATO troops somehow become engaged against Russian with the war in Ukraine. Second, China, believing that the West is distracted elsewhere, finally invades Taiwan which nevertheless drags the US into the contract. Then there’s the possibility that Iran develops nukes and while Israel is tied up with Gaza decides to drop The Big One, bringing Israel’s allies into the conflict. And as a sidebar to any of this, North Korea takes advantage of all the confusion and launches and attack across the 38th parallel.

Here’s another situation no one has thought of yet: A war between Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and Tay-Tay and her Swifties.

The UK was the site of simultaneous concerts by The Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift this past weekend. Dave Grohl paused the action at London Stadium to throw some shade on Tay-Tay.

He noted that her Eras concerts were happening at the same as the Foos show, which he dubbed the “Errors” tour because “we actually play live.” Ouch.

In case you’re wondering, Taylor has responded. Yes, Swifties have returned fire. And that Foos fans are weighin in, it’s game on. This is the new Kendrick-Drake feud.

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One thought on “Did you catch this Dave Grohl burn of Taylor Swift? This is war.

  • Swifties have such thin skin…


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