Did you know Facebook had an internal list of dangerous bands?

Officially it was known as the “dangerous individuals and organizations” list or DIO. Along with the usual bunch of neo-Nazis and other whackos were dozens of bands and musicians.

The Intercept, which uncovered the list, says “[We have] reviewed a snapshot of the full DIO list and is today publishing a reproduction of the material in its entirety, with only minor redactions and edits to improve clarity. It is also publishing an associated policy document, created to help moderators decide what posts to delete and what users to punish.”

So what sorts of bands might make such a list? White power/white supremacist acts, for one, which makes total sense (Think groups like Skrewdriver, who are totally vile). Other bands promoting hate made the list. And so did Burzum, the extreme black metal band whose head, Varg Vikernes, has some pretty hateful political and social views.

Who else? ISIS-loving groups. Groups promoting Hezbollah. Groups flying the flag for al-Qaeda and Hamas. There are even a couple of Taliban groups on the list, which is a bit weird given that the Taliban is against all music.

The full list is 100 pages long. You can view it here.

Alan Cross

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