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Discount Code for Blockchain Conference

Hey tech geeks!  This summer the Blockchain Futurist Conference will be held in Toronto, Aug 15th and 16th.

If you didn’t already know, Blockchain technology has been hyped as the biggest thing in tech since the advent of the internet. Due to its trust-less ecosystem and capacity for micro-payments, many people believe that blockchains will help to create “The Internet of Value.”

If you have kept an eye on this space, you will have noticed that a lot of companies are trying to use Blockchain technology to solve diverse music issues like ticketing, payments, and attribution — many dozens, in fact.

We started off our coverage with the 2015 article “Bitcoin and the Music Industry Part-1 What is Bitcoin and Why Should Musicians Care?” We have been covering the music and blockchain convergence in this space since then.

Now to the good news: We have been given a C$100 off coupon for this year’s event! Just use the PROMO CODE: BTC101 when you are buying your ticket.

The Music Tech MeetUp team will be attending (Alan, Nathalia and myself) so if you want to say hi at the event follow us on twitter and reach out on the day of.

Hope to see you there.

Let us know what you think!

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