Medical Mysteries of Music

Doctor’s checked this man’s pulse and heard music instead. Wait–what?

The 65-year-old man was in pain. He’d fallen doctors in the ER suspected a dislocated hip. As part of his preliminary exam, one of the doctors checked his pulse in his feet (standard when you’re looking for a hip fracture) and heard…music.

And it was clear and loud, too. It was like someone had turned on a stereo. And it was coming from inside the man.

Someone had the sense to Shazam it (hey, what would you do?) and discovered that it was this song.

The first thing doctors did was check the equipment. They were using a special Doppler ultrasound advice, so they checked to see if the same thing happened when they applied the machine to their own extremities. Nothing. The music only appeared when used on the patient.

What was going on?

IT was called to examine the Doppler machine. It was fine.

The patient had two artificial hips made of various metals. The theory is that the Doppler machine latched on to a radio signal being received by the man’s artificial hips. The prosthetics were acting as an antenna. Or it might have been interference from other gear in the room or even the metal in the patient’s bed.

It’s now months later and the patient long discharged. He’s fine and is no longer broadcasting music.

(Via Live Science)

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