Documentary Explores Growing Black Metal Scene in South Africa

South Africa has a rich and vibrant music scene. Perhaps it might surprise you to know that the country has one of the largest punk scenes in the world. Yet, as the Daily Beast points out: “often times this scene is portrayed as being exclusive to white people”. Addressing these long-lived cultural stereotypes of rock music, however, is a new documentary called “Black Black Metal” that explores an emerging scene in Soweto.

One of the bands featured in this new documentary is Demogoroth Satanum, one of Soweto’s most prominent black metal bands. Founded in 2009 and completed their line-up in 2013, Lord Azazel (vocals), Thornum (guitar), Belgaroth (guitar), Thane Bellicose (bass), and Funeral (drums) have toured their country and released a couple albums. Their popularity continues to grow and overcome obstacles placed on South African marginalized musicians.

You can watch the documentary here.

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