Donald Trump is planning a video streaming service. What shows might be on the schedule? Let’s speculate wildly.

Hot on the heels of the total failure of Truth Social, Donald Trump’s right-wing version of Twitter comes word that he’s planning a streaming service that will focus on free speech–or at least the MAGA world’s version of free speech.

Trump Media & Technology Group is apparently hiring people to run some kind of video streaming enterprise. So, yeah: MAGA-TV. MAGAflix. MAGA Prime Video.

Here’s the description for the job listing for Content Development Manager:

“Trump Media & Technology Group’s Streaming Video On Demand service will be a ‘Big Tent’ platform offering broad-based entertainment rooted in free speech. In addition to the Social Media platform Truth Social, our SVOD platform TMTG+ will be the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content.”

Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be a success. Just like Trump University. And Trump Steaks. And Trump’s airline. And Trump vodka. And the Trump hotel in DC (among other properties). And all those bankrupt Trump casinos. And, of course, Truth Social.

The mind boggles at what programming the service may carry. How about shows like these?

  • Bowhunting Libtards with Ted Nugent
  • Guns, God and Trump with Kid Rock
  • NCIS: Arrest Fauci with Aaron Lewis
  • MAGA Sunday Service with Pastor Kanye West
  • Dating Tips from Matt Gaetz
  • How to Build a Jewish Space Lasers hosted by Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Restaurant Rehab with Lauren Boebert
  • Drinking with Brett Kavanaugh
  • America’s Most-Wanted Abortion Providers
  • The Handmaid’s Tale: Real-Life Version (narrated by Justice Amy Coney Barrett)
  • Devin Nunes’ Cow (a kid’s show)
  • From Fabulous to Frumpy: Fashion Tips with Steve Bannon
  • Get Your House in Order with Kevin McCarthy
  • Inquisition Revisited: How to Root Out Witches with Justice Samuel Alito Jr.
  • Care and Feeding of Turtles with Mitch McConnell
  • This Show is Brought to You by the Letter Q (MAGA version of Sesame Street)
  • Black Shirts, Brown Shirts: Stand Back and Stand By (Hosted by the Proud Boys)
  • Pole Dancing with Melania
  • Narcos with Donald Trump Jr (The show takes the side of the drug dealers)
  • High-Pressure Shower Nozzles and Super-Flush Toilets (infomercials hosted by Trump himself)
  • How to Host a Book Burning (anyone from Texas could host this one)
  • Sharpie Weather (A weather segment that includes dubious hurricane forecasting and climate change denial.)
  • Scott Pruitt, The (Anti-)Science Guy.
  • Love Letters (a dating show with Kim Jong-Un)

What about shows for Ivana, Jared, and all the other members of the MAGA crew? The schedule also needs to be filled out with shows on The Big Lie, Saudi Arabia, Vladimir Putin, and–well, we could go on forever. Leave any ideas you have for programming in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is planning a video streaming service. What shows might be on the schedule? Let’s speculate wildly.

  • How about CROOKS, a behind the scenes look at the daily operations of Republican Party staffers.

  • Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.

    I envision a weekly show hosted by Trump: “Autocracy Now!” in which he will interview folks such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Mohammed bin Salman, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Viktor Orban.

  • “Saturday Night at the Movies” with the films of Leni Reifenstahl.

  • I’m sure the Biden Crime family will be the first on that one.


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