Don’t Put Giant Speakers on Top of People

I like think that I’m open and accepting of all religions; I have friends from a variety of different faiths from Born Again Christians to Buddhists to Muslims and everything else in-between. However, even my most devoutly religious friends would never attempt a stunt like one performed by a South African pastor on Sunday.

First of all, giant speakers are really heavy, though I think that’s a well-known fact. It’s not a good idea to put one on top of someone lying on the ground. That’s exactly what pastor Lethebo Rabalango did, though.

From Oddity Central:

“The controversial South African pastor and founder of the Mount Zion General Assembly church was apparently teaching congregates about the demonstration of power and was trying to emphasize that if Jesus could walk on water, then he too could do anything with the power of faith. To get his point across, Rabalango invited a young woman from the crowd to take part in a real-life miracle. He asked her to lie down on the floor and then ordered his ushers to pick up a giant speaker and lay it on top of her body”.

Not only did Rabalango put the speaker on top of the woman, he also sat on top of it. After about five minutes, the pastor asked the ushers to remove the speaker and he asked the woman to rise. Everyone then realized the woman had passed out during the demonstration. With some first aid, she regained consciousness, but was taken to a hospital after complaining of a broken rib. Unfortunately, the pastor’s power of faith must not have been strong enough, because the woman reportedly died of severe internal bleeding not too long after.

And what’s more enraging than someone losing their life for no reason is pastor Rabalango’s reaction to the woman’s death:

“After being confronted about his deranged miracle attempt, he actually accused her of having so little faith that she couldn’t withstand such a simple task”.

Remember: giant speakers are really heavy and it’s not a good idea to put them on top of people and then sit on them. Power of faith in God or not, just don’t do it.

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