Early data from Record Store Day is all good news

When we’re not busy having a pandemic, Record Store Day falls on the third Saturday in April. This year’s spring event was postpone, replaced with three RSDs in August, September, and October.

The numbers are coming in from the August event, which was held on the 28th. According to Discogs.com, business was up substantially–at least in the US–rising 41.1%, translating into 78,680 pieces of vinyl sold.

Nice. But how was this possible in an era of social distancing? Two reasons:

  1. Stores were allowed to list their special RDS releases online for the first time. That meant you didn’t actually have to physically to the shop.
  2. People were obviously interested in buying records despite the pandemic.

I should have some Canadian data on Tuesday. Meanwhile, there are two more Record Store Days to come on September 26 and October 24.

Here’s a song about going to the record store.

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One thought on “Early data from Record Store Day is all good news

  • September 5, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    I didn’t really think about the implications of it being an online RSD. I don’t know why but I expected it to be like other years and that the stores in my area wouldn’t have the items I wanted and that I would have to wait online to get them from discogs from the marketplace of my choice (had one already selected). But, because I really didn’t factor in that it was DAY OF and online, things were already sold out at the stores everywhere and it was the price gougers out in full force on discogs. I *almost* bought what I was shopping for online but I screwed that up too because I forgot I close my paypal account. So for me, RSD sucked. I don’t know why I couldn’t wrap my brain around it.

    I buy everything but food and the random clothing or household item online. Discogs is actually my kryptonight right now because it’s just too easy to start looking for really amazing german compilation cds and buying hundreds of dollars of music that I want but shouldn’t be buying. That Mission UK charity song sucked me in and now I’m on a timeout because I HAD to buy the whole damned set because the healthcare workers aren’t a subet that I’ve given any help to and I loved the idea and all the artists who collaborated so if I can support something that embraces ‘my people/music’ and helps people, I’m going to. Kryptonite.

    Alan, I don’t know that anyone else would join inthe thread because the topics that are prevalent in my head day in and day out don’t seem to be what people talk about here but I am so curious about what your readers are doing and thinking when it comes to no concerts. Reality sunk in long ago, more so when you posted the chart about Seoul. That hit me like a punch in the gut. But now it’s September. Reality is NOTHING for Fall of a year from now. TRUE Reality is nothing or LONGER. Right? Being reasonable. Nothing before Fall, right? That means 90% of my postponments are going to be potponed or outright cancelled because how many times can folks from the UK and Europe (coming to the States or BC) postpone? I think the realists (in my list) cancelled. The remainder that postponed into the fall, those are but fat maybes..and I’m thinking that they aren’t going to happen. I’m on day 191 without concerts or the theatre. I figure theatre will come back before concerts somehow. Even so, I have at least a year minimum left. My first concert in September is September 2nd. That is 362 days before my next show after having gone 191 without. I don’t think people are going to go away from Zoom although Google is finally putting out something to rival it althought it might be too little too late. Zoom is dangerous but that doesn’t scare people.

    I know this is what..TLDR? Most people will think that…are people really coping that easily staring at some musician on a screen playing acoustic music and talking to their computer screen and getting their communcal concert experience needs met? I don’t understand how the musicians are (and they say they like it better?) and I certainly don’t understand how the audiences are although I understand the instant gratification if you type something in a screen and you have an artist respond to your post. Sorry if there are typos, my brain goes too fast for my fingers. I’m the queen of catching them and they drive me bananas but I don’t always see my own. MY brain is off right now being sad about concerts and not even thinking about what I’m typing anymore.


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