Electronic Pioneer Giorgio Moroder to Release First Album in 30 Years

What do David Bowie, Brian Eno, Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk and Donna Summer all have in common? They were all profoundly affected by the work of Giorgio Moroder, the Italian record producer who revolutionized electronic music in the 1970s.

While Kraftwerk had been doing important work with synthesizers and early sequencers, their work was deliberately cold and robotic. Moroder figured out how to make people dance to electronic music. No one had ever heard anything like this back in 1977. The effect of this track on the future of electronica is incalculable. No one had made music like this before.

And it wasn’t just the disco crowd who became besotted by Morodor’s keyboards. Pink Floyd fans flocked to buy the soundtrack of Midnight Express which was scored by Moroder.

Giorgio hasn’t made much music for himself for three decades (he’s made various guest appearances, including on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album), but at age 74, he’d making a comeback with a new solo record. Here’s the first single.

Learn more at The Creators’ Project and Billboard. Photo by Kathleen Hancock Photography.

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