Email. I get email–especially about Taylor Hawkins’ death

Normally I just ignore the trolls, but this one–which relates to two posts on the cause of Taylor Hawkins’ death (here and here)--was so funny I just had to share. I print it verbatim.

Everyone with a brain knows that Hawkins was killed by the mRNA poisoning and the media claim of drugs only serves the blind who follow petty government narratives.

Stop shilling for the fascist marxist socialist globalist cabal. People are about to destroy their governments and people like you will be remembered as the professional liars who pushed draconian enthamemes.

You’re a nobody! You’re not a legitimate Physician and you’re not a legitimate person in music. At best you’re a petty Canadian who gets freebies from the socialist government of a nation that couldn’t survive without 98% of it existing on the American border. It’s why your radio stations are forced to dedicate a percentage of airplay to Canadian people because none of you can survive legitimate competition. You lying twat…go back under your rock and know your place! Shut your cunt!

I may not be a “Physician” (it’s not a proper noun, dude), but I’m guessing this dude isn’t an epidemiologist or a vaccine expert, either. And he’s not much of a political scientist, either, because he didn’t capitalize “Marxist.” And what does Cancon have to do with anything?

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One thought on “Email. I get email–especially about Taylor Hawkins’ death

  • You think them not capitalizing ‘Marxist’ is what shows they don’t know political science? How about the fact that they accused you of being a ‘fascist Marxist’- as if these aren’t completely opposite ideologies…
    “There are 2 things that know no bounds: the universe, and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” – attributed to Albert Einstein and perfectly demonstrated here.


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