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2 thoughts on “Even NBC Is Reporting on the Cassette Revival

  • I still don’t get it. I mean, I still have all of my old cassettes. I still enjoy looking at the awesome old foldouts and packaging. But I don’t listen to them at all. The format is a pain in the butt, and sound quality is terrible. Even for the nostaligia factor, I can’t see me buying more cassettes. What’s next? Releasing albums on reel-to-reel format?

  • I am also somewhat overwhelmed,but I understand.There is a warmth to Analogue sound that you don,t get with Digital.And I know this not only because of Dave Grohl,but I have compared the difference myself recording the bands I play in.It seems we took away something when we went Digital!
    Also I want to point out,not all the cassette machines sounded terrible!!!
    Check out the Nakamichi Dragon for example.
    I guess most passive music listeners really don,t care ,as long as you can provide them with something as small as possible to store.
    Yes,the Nostalgia factor is there,really ,whats the difference?
    On whatever medium you have your music;if you don,t look after it,Chuck it wherever,well it won;t last.If you don,t put the CDs back in their case,they get scratched,just like Vinyl!
    Cassettes,if you leave them on the Dash in the sun????……
    So,our Kids are starting to wake up to the fact that we have chosen portability and convenience
    Over Sound Quality!!!!!

    Rock on,


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