Everything is Connected 1 May 2013

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected where we prove how everything and everyone is connected. Eventually I’m going to get at how you are connected to Rick James but this week, we’re going to start with a Canadian industrial pioneer and end with a country music rebel.

Nivek Ogre (born Kevin Ogilvie) is the front man for industrial and electronic music purveyors, Skinny Puppy. Skinny Puppy had a great amount of influence on a large amount of bands like Nine Inch Nails but what you might not know about Ogre is that he has dabbled in acting. His first major role was that of Pavi Largo in Repo! The Genetic Opera (which despite the title, is really good) a musical horror film. Director Darren Lynn Bousman must have been impressed because he cast Ogre again in a short film (which will possibly be a series of short films) called The Devil’s Carnival. Another man associated with dark and heavier music was also cast in The Devil’s Carnival, Shawn Crahan.

Shawn Crahan is best known to the world as Clown (or if you prefer #6) in heavy metal juggernaut, Slipknot. But on his off hours, Crahan is also know to be a producer as he was executive producer behind Mudvayne’s L.D. 50 album. But he isn’t the only one with a side gig or two, just ask Mudvayne Singer Chad Gray.

Gray is also the lead singer of the band Hellyeah, which is a solid little metal outfit that also features former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul behind the skins. Vinnie Paul. During the hiatus years of Pantera, Vinnie (along with his brother Dimebag) worked on a number of projects including a really interesting one called Rebel Meets Rebel.

Rebel Meets Rebel was interesting due to it’s pairing of Pantera style metal with country due to the other rebel on the album, David Allan Coe. Coe is often regarded as an outlaw in country music due to the conventions of country music that Coe destroyed at will.

So there you have it friends. This week’s chain goes as follows:

Ogre – Shawn Crahan – Chad Grey – Vinnie Paul – David Allan Coe

Do you have a connection chain we should know about? If so, please post it below and we may feature it in an upcoming edition!


Juliette Jagger

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