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Everything is Connected 5 September 2013

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome back to Everything Is Connected where this week we start with an alternative icon and end up somewhere you’d never think that icon would lead to.

Trent Reznor released Hesitation Marks this week and being a big Nine Inch Nails fan, I can tell you that it is a solid album from top to bottom. But there’s one thing about it that kind of surprised me. As I flipped through the liner notes (yes, I bought a physical copy), a name popped up that truly surprised me. While I know Reznor has collaborated with a lot of people from various genres of music, it still caught me off guard to see Lindsey Buckingham’s name beside the credits of a few tracks.

Buckingham is probably most famous for his work with Fleetwood Mac but upon digging into his career, I came across a track that I was unaware that he did. Turns out Buckingham was behind the song Holiday Road from National Lampoon’s Vacation. You know…

And that’s not the only Vacation music connection. Mickey Jones appeared as the Mechanic.

Okay, so Mickey Jones is not a household name but you’ve seen him as an actor in… well pretty much everything. From recurring small parts in Home Improvement to film roles in Tin Cup and Total Recall to most recently a stint on Justified. But Mickey’s other claim to fame is as a drummer.

Jones had a run as Bob Dylan’s drummer for a stint replacing Levon Helm in 1966. When Dylan had a motorcycle accident and came off the road, Mickey tried acting. In the midst of getting small parts, Jones stepped behind the kit again, this time for a band called The First Edition lead by none other than Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers is one of those guys that for some reason, I love. Especially The Gambler. I love the song, I love the cheesy tv movies based off the song. I once pestered Alex James of Nerds with Guitars for a solid year to learn how to play it. I guess I’m not the only one as Wyclef Jean featured a chunk of the song along with Rogers himself on the song “Kenny Rogers – Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate” as part of Wyclef’s The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II A Book.

This Week’s Chain:

Trent Reznor – Lindsey Buckingham – NL Vacation – Mickey Jones – Kenny Rogers – Wyclef Jean

Do you have a chain of connections we should know about? If so, please leave it in the comment section below!

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