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Ex Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge wrote this op-ed on UFOs for Newsweek

We all know that Tom DeLonge believes that The Truth is Out There when it comes to a vast government cover-up of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Along with his To the Stars Academy (an organization devoted to studying and publicizing what the call “The Phenomenon”), a couple of novels and a couple of non-fiction books, Tom is behind a History channel series on the topic. (It debuted in the US last Friday; the Canadian version of the History channel on June 14).

Last week, Tom wrote an op-ed on The Phenomenon for Newsweek.

“About 25 years ago, I read a non-fiction book about UFOs while on tour with Blink-182 that blew my mind.

“This was a time before smartphones, so being on a tour bus for weeks on end meant we were forced to keep ourselves occupied if we were bored. I chose to read. Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret detailed a historical chronology of UFO events in conjunction with domestic and foreign space programs and militaries. It wasn’t just a solitary event, but a chain of occurrences. I remember repeating as I was reading, “Oh my god, this is massive.” I probably annoyed the hell out of my bandmates.

“Before reading that book, I thought the idea of E.T. and unknown flying vehicles were confined to the realm of science-fiction, which I’d always loved as a kid. But I had no idea these crafts were real and in fact interacting with nuclear missiles, NASA missions and facilities, astronauts, and even civilians.

“The book opened my eyes to the enormity of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), filling me with curiosity and propelling me on a hunt for knowledge that quite literally changed the course of my life. I became consumed with questions about UAP: How do they travel at such incredible speeds? Who or what are they? Who actually knows the facts and holds the most credible evidence?”

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