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Ex-KGB Agent: “We Financed UK Punk to Destabilize the West”

As tinfoil hat conspiracies go, this is a good one. Roland points us to this article at LouderThanWar:

Not so much cash for chaos as rubles for chaos – a former KGB agent Alexandrov Varennikov Voloshin,has claimed that the punk movement was financed by the KGB who paid for the punk scene and bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Ramones as reported on comedy website worldnewsdailyreport. Even if it’s made up it’s still amusing.

The agent claimed that the secret services were behind the movement to destabilise western youth and spent a lot of rubles causing trouble –  to “create utter chaos” and “pervert the Western youth to nihilist, anti-establishment and anti-american ideologies” he explained in an hour long interview broadcast on national television.

He went on to further claim that many of the bands songs were written by  a team of psychologists and war propagandists of the USSR. That makes the Sex Pistols tiny Denmark Street rehearsal room a very over crowded space with Rotten and chums surrounded by grey suited men with clipboards  writing ‘anti-establishment lyrics were intended to unleash a wave of cynicism towards authorities, promote the use of heavy drugs and entice the youth with revolutionary, counter establishment ideas.’

Well, it could explain this song from the Clash…

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