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Is Facebook About to Throw a New Wrinkle into Streaming Music?

Yesterday, the IFPI, the worldwide music industry trade group, released the global numbers for 2015 (go here for a summary) and people continue to sift through the numbers. Here are few more stats about music revenues:

Then we have what Facebook has planned when it comes to streaming music. From TechCrunch:

There’s an epidemic of stolen videos on Facebook. Business Pages rip videos from YouTube, TV or other Pages, and then post them on Facebook as their own to gain more engagement and fans. This is known as “freebooting.” Video makers were pissed off about it because they were losing video views to others who didn’t have permission to use their clips.

Slate sounded the alarm about the problem in July, and in August, Facebook announced it would soon start testing a tool to help stop freebooting.

Today Facebook officially launched Rights Manager, its version of YouTube’s Content ID. It’s an admin tool for Pages that lets them upload video clips they don’t want others using. Facebook then monitors for copies of these videos to be posted to Facebook, and can then either automatically report them as violations to be deleted or notify the original publisher.

Keep reading. Once you’re done, here’s more from on the subject:

There’s been so much happening the last few days in the world of music tech I don’t really know where to start but I’m going to attempt to focus this blog on one subject….

How is everyone STILL not talking about Facebook and streaming music?

A few of you will know I’ve been ranting about this for a few years now but it seems it’s finally coming true….

Facebook have the potential to become the world’s biggest music and video streaming service…and today they launched tools that show that’s very much part of that ‘ten year plan’ they announced at F8: Content ID / Rights management for content.

Why is this so important?

Well, let’s see… there’s the small matter of those eye balls….

How many eye balls?


Messenger has 900 million to be exact as announced at F8 today… WhatsApp has approx 1 billion and Facebook itself has somewhere in the region of 1.5 BILLION .. oh, and Instagram, let’s not forget that… that’s up there with in excess of 400 million users… so… yes… shit loads of eyeballs.

Why does this matter for music?

Because as part of a roll out today they announced rights management for content. Think Youtube’s Content ID for Facebook….Yeah… that.

Read on.


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