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Faith No More’s Debut Gets a Re-release. Finally.

It’s always awesome when out of print albums get re-released. Faith No More has just announced that their debut album We Care A Lot is being given a deluxe treatment with its upcoming re-release.

Originally released in 1985 and out of print for the past 20 years, the album will be coming out again on August 19 under Koolarrow Records. Bassist Bill Gould said that the original album began as a demo, before any label gained interest in the band. He continues:

“There were a couple of reasons we decided to release this now: first of all, it’s been 20 years since it has been commercially available.  Secondly, when cleaning out my basement, I discovered the original master reels, and we all thought that resurrecting this from the original tapes would be a great way to reintroduce We Care A Lot into the world.  Lastly, this has been a band effort; we are releasing this in the same way as we recorded it, deciding everything amongst ourselves and getting our hands deep into the nuts and bolts… just like we used to”.

In addition to the original 10 songs being remastered, the re-issue also includes nine bonus tracks. Some of these bonus tracks will be demo versions, such as “Greed” and “Arabian Disco”. Others, like “The Jungle” and “New Beginnings” are live versions. Finally, some new mixes will also be included.

The physical release comes with liner notes from keyboard player Roddy Bottum, as well as behind-the-scenes photos.

Buttom looks back on the experience of the early Faith No More days:

“When strangers ask what Faith No More is I’ve always said, ‘well, it’s kind of an art band…’ I say that mostly to distance us from the hard rock world that we’re often times lumped into. I mean, hard rock, sure, that was part of it, but our roots most definitely and pointedly stem from a specific freakout art time and place in San Francisco, a time that no longer exists. In 1982, the hippies mingled with the punks, the artists hung out with the musicians, the dance people and the punks were one and the Satanists and the sexual pioneers… all part of the same scene.

“That weird SF window provided a platform from which we were free to express and cultivate a really uniquely odd sound experience. In Los Angeles, no one really cared much, but SF was always super supportive, encouraging us, directly and not, to get our collective freak on”.

You can pre-order the album here.

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