Tragically Hip Fans Need to Check Out This Fan-Created Tribute Site

The news about Gord Downie’s terminal brain cancer has affected every Tragically Hip fan in different ways. While fans are getting angry at ticket scalpers, they are also creating fantastic tributes.

One fan, Christina Parente, created a tribute website. Her website features tributes that other people have created and shared on social media using #deargord and tagging @deargord. It doesn’t matter if the content was shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr, Parente’s site can extract the posts and feature them live on the homepage. If you have a tribute to the Tragically Hip that you would like to share, this would be a great place to have it seen. It doesn’t matter if it’s artwork, a cover song, a quote, or an anecdote, everybody pays tribute in different ways.

Three cancer organizations have provided external links to Parente’s website. That way, people can easily donate if they so desire. Make sure you give it a look–and pass it along to any music fan you may think may get something out of it.

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