Fiancee of Mother Love Bone Frontman Calls Chris Cornell a “Chode”

Temple of the Dog–the group that began as a tribute to Andrew Wood and ended up being a supergroup in hindsight–is on tour for the first time ever. Grunge fans are losing their minds about seeing Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready perform songs from their one-and-only album for the first time.

But not everyone is thrilled. The fiancee of Mother Love Bone singer–the late Andrew Wood–isn’t thrilled about all this, especially Chris Cornell’s performance. She termed him a “chode.” This is what Xana La Fuente had to say (in a since-deleted post) on her site, Xanaland.

This morning I woke up to a message with a link to the first or one of the first Temple of the Dog shows, you know-the ones that many people can’t get tickets to because somehow all the little people were once again FORGOTTEN.

I thought to myself ” Oh great, here we go ” Every day lately I get messages regarding this tour. People asking if I have extra tickets. Asking to interview me and ” talk about my feelings ” . Well I am sick to death of all of it and just want it and The Mustache with his shitty lame rendition of a song about ME to GO AWAY. It’s bad enough he never gave me credit for partial lyrics I wrote in the chorus to Times of Trouble. I have literal proof of this in copyrighted poems I was sent and that were sent to me by a friend in prison. He’s now a very successful writer and magazine owner.

Let’s think about why the Temple of the Dog songs were written. Were they not written to console me and others over the loss of Andy? Chris gave me a cassette of songs and told me ” These are for you about Andy ” . Then Jeff and Soney heard them when I played them at Kelly and Peggy’s home where Jerry Cantrell and I were living. They asked Chris about the songs and went on to record them, with the ( broken ) promise that all the money would go to charity. That of course, never happened.

And people wonder why I call him a chode.

Read the whole post here. (Thanks to Greggory for the tip.)


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