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FIGHT! Which Singer is the Best Painter?

Artists are driven to make art and sometimes their need to create spills across other forms of expression. Many musicians, for example, like to paint and indulge in other visual media. And some of them are very, very good.

For example, I have a Ron Wood painting of Keith Richards hanging in my house that I spend waaaayyy too much money for. I also have a print of a Bernie Taupin work that calms me each time I look at it. And frankly, if I had the cash, I’d buy more of this sort of stuff.  I’d KILL for an original Bowie.

The Guardian has this feature on musicians who paint. Whose work do you like the best?

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5 thoughts on “FIGHT! Which Singer is the Best Painter?

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  • Hi Allan. How about Tony Bennett? Believe it or not, Captain Beefheart paintings went for $25,000.

  • If you’re ever in Maui there’s an amazing fine art store in the Shops of Wailea mall. I think it’s called Celebrites. Steven Tyler’s art is very interesting. Loved Ronnie Wood’s paintings. Also Miles Davis. Mick Fleetwood’s photography is nice. John Lennon’s work also. You could spend hours in this place. Highly recommend checking it out. I think there’s a youtube video showing some of the art they carry.

  • Tony Bennett is interesting. He’s all over the map and lacks focus, but he obviously understands and appreciates art concepts. He’s also pretty good in a lot of different mediums.

    Joni Mitchell is legit as a painter, regardless of her music career. Ditto Bowie.
    Ron Wood has a pleasant painterly style, but he really needs to take some drawing and design lessons. He could be so much better with some basic training.

    I’ll cheat and say Martin Mull is one of the best (celebrity) artists. He’s a comedian and actor, but did have a minor hit song on his Sex And Violins album. He’s a painter/artist first.

  • On a more local, Canadian, scene, you should see the work that Murray McLauchlan does. First rate. Now he’s retired from performing (except for dates with his pals in Lunch at Allen’s) he’s planning to spend more time with painting, and is promising to start working with sculpture…


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