Finland Gives Us a Cross Between Black Sabbath and Barney the Dinosaur. Meet Hevisaurus.

Here’s what I want to see: a battle to the death between the Teletubbies and Hevisaurus. My money is on the latter.


Hevisaurus is a kid friendly mashup of the best(?) of Barney the Dinosaur with the non-coke-snorting aspects of Black Sabbath dusted with a touch of GWAR and KISS.

Milli Pilli, Riffi Raffi, Komppi Momppi and Muffi Puffi, we’re told, are all survivors of the dinosaur age who were hatched from 65 million-year-old metallica eggs. Of the five one, only one is female–Muffi–which must create some difficult sexual tension. Hey, if she’s the only one capable of laying eggs, how will the species carry on?

Hevisaurus sings about doing your homework, drinking enough milk, cute animals (there’s one about a penguin with a sore throat who travels to Norway to seek a cure) and other wholesome things.

If you’ve never heard of them yet, don’t feel bad because their fame has been restricted to just Scandinavia and of the nearly 100 tracks they’ve recorded, most are in Finnish. They’ve been extremely successful, selling about 200,000 CDs and winning Finland’s equivalent of a Grammy Award. And unlike other metal bands, they restrict the volume of their live performances to just 85 dB, well within the safety range for tiny ears and EU rules.

A new movie is out this month telling the story of how an evil amusement park operator captures Hevisaurus and tries to turn them into an attraction.

If you need to know more–maybe you have kids that want to get ahead of the curve–read more here.

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