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Five Recent Re-Releases to Add to Your Collection

With the rise in popularity of vinyl, more and more reissues are becoming available. Here’s five recent reissues, in case you need to fill out your collection.

1) Bergtatt – Ulver

Originally released in 1995, Ulver remastered and reissued their groundbreaking debut on vinyl this year.

2) Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin

Many bands from sixties and seventies are reissuing their albums on vinyl. From 1973, Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy is just one of them.

3) Loaded – The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground’s fourth album from 1970 was reissued late last year.

4) The Real Thing – Faith No More

Recently Faith No More announced the reissue of their debut, however last year they released a two-LP deluxe vinyl reissue of their 1989 album.

5) Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin has released reissues of several of their albums. I already mentioned Houses of the Holy. Led Zeppelin IV is another reissue.

Are there any recent re-releases you are happy about? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Five Recent Re-Releases to Add to Your Collection

  • Hey Alan,

    Watch out for Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy on Vinyl. I had to buy 3 different copies and all had a bum track for “The Ocean”. Loaded with static, and not clear at all. Just this track.
    I went with the CD after that, and the CD pressing is just fine. I even tried the basic version, and the deluxe versions, both had faults in the vinyl pressing. Hopefully it is fixed for future pressings.

    • Thank you for letting us know!
      Definitely hope it gets fixed for future pressings.

  • The FNM re-issues are very nice. If you can’t wait for the re-issue of We Care A Lot later this year, the. Look online for the Black Friday 2015 white vinyl re-issue of it. I have it and it’s very nice. But I will be getting the next one as well.


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