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Florida is getting a new loud music law. What could possibly go wrong?

We’ve all been unintentionally exposed to high-volume urban thump machines, cars with car stereos so loud they un-torque chassis bolts. This apparently is such a problem in Florida that it requires legislation.

A new law will come into effect this Friday (July 1) that will bring down the heat if your radio can be heard more than 25 feet away. It will also be illegal to play loud music from cars near schools, hospitals, and churches. “Louder than necessary” is a phrase being used. Not subjective at all. Nope.

The statute, which lawmakers say is aimed at combatting loud stereos that fellow drivers, passers-by, and homeowners may consider to be a public nuisance. Fall afoul of the new law and you’ll get a US$114 ticket.

Granted, Florida has the kind of year-round weather that encourages the rolling down up windows and the turning up of volume, so this really may be an issue.

I get it. I don’t want my bones involuntarily rattling by someone’s 4 x 12 sub setup, especially at night. But the potential for abuse by law enforcement is song. Can’t you see this law being used as a pretext for getting pulled over? Gee, what could go wrong there?

The reaction on Twitter is about what you’d expect.

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