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Foo Fighters Cover Nirvana…Sort Of.

In the 23 years since they became a band in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, Dave Grohl has never, ever played a Nirvana song while with Foo Fighters. Unless of course you count “Marigold”, a B-side to “Heart-Shaped Box” which the FOOs released a live version of as part of 2006’s Skin and Bones. Grohl wrote and recorded that song independent of Cobain, but I digress.

The Concrete and Gold tour is in the process of winding down, concluding at Cal Jam ’18 next month with 20 or so other artists supporting the FOO, including former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic’s new music project Giants in the Trees. They were also the openers September 1st at Safeco Field in grunge’s birthplace of Seattle. During Foo Fighters’ band member introductions where multiple covers are typically jammed out, Novoselic came out to hug Grohl as well as longtime friend Pat Smear, and proceeded to join in on live Nirvana fave “Molly’s Lips”. The three later posed for a backstage photo that was tweeted out by the official @Nirvana account, with Novoselic holding up a photography book featuring a pic of Cobain.

“Molly’s Lips” is originally by Scottish band The Vaselines, which Cobain greatly admired. Foo Fighters have done it one other time in their history, a couple of years ago while visiting Edinburgh (sans Novoselic). They’re now off to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver prior to Cal Jam ’18; in addition to Giants in the Trees, Garbage will be there – I hear their drummer Butch Vig may have a connection to Nirvana too, so who knows what “Holy Shit” surprises are in store for October 6th? Lawn-only tickets for the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, by the way, are still available.

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