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Are we getting a new Foo Fighters album next month? Let’s speculate wildly

The Foo Fighters continue to claw their way back from the grief that surrounded Taylor Hawkins’ death almost a year ago. While about half a dozen festival dates have been booked, there’s still no word on who will play drums.

One thing the Foos can do is make an album with the personnel they have because the boss is rumoured to be a pretty good drummer. Which begs this question: Could the Foos have quietly recorded a new album over the last few months?

It could happen. Dave is a workaholic. I can seem him working through his grief by diving into music. The Foos have their own state-of-the-art recording studio (I’ve been there) so they can record whenever they want in complete secrecy. And then there’s this from a British DJ this week.

Chris Moyles works at Radio X in London. After playing the Foos’ “Walk,” he said this: “I love that song so much – Foo Fighters, and ‘Walk.’ They’ve got a new album coming out in, er, March, Foo Fighters… which I’m very much looking forward to.”

Then, perhaps realizing that he just said something he wasn’t supposed to, he quickly switched subjects. Hear for yourself.

Hmm. Interesting. This could be (a) a new studio album or (b) live recordings from the two Taylor Hawkins’ tribute shows from last September. Might either be released on the first anniversary of his death? Or is that a big ham-handed?

We’ll see, I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Are we getting a new Foo Fighters album next month? Let’s speculate wildly

  • If they are coming back… and they are… a new record to showcase the new drummer with great songs that demonstrate the FOO is still real and the songs are still there only makes sense. I, for one, can’t wait for more Grohl goodies (songs)….

  • Of course they will release a new album before they tour. They always do.

  • Me personally, my favorite drummer is Dave. I love watching and hearing him play the drums. He is a badass on those drums.
    This is going to be hard on them no matter what they do.
    Bless you all. Love ya all . ❤ 💋 😘


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