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Foo’s Taylor Hawkins Has An 80’s Flashback

Taylor Hawkins has released a new EP called KOTA, which stands for ‘King of the Assholes’! The first single has the lovely title of ‘Range Rover Bitch’ and reminds of simpler times with its stylistic shoutout to the 80’s.

The clip uses video techniques from the age of Beta as picture-in-picture screens show closeups of keyboards, guitar and, of course, a cowbell before focusing on Hawkins, whose blond hair and dark mustache make him look a bit like Styx’s Tommy Shaw in a ringer tank. Its most retro moment, however, may be the superimposed line of Hawkinses and, for no reason, a zebra. It all harks back to the era of Billy Squier wiggling around in bedroom in the “Rock Me Tonite” clip and Survivor whipping wet hair in the “Eye of the Tiger” video. And it even ends with a visual kicker starring Hawkins himself.

You can read the whole story on Rolling Stone.

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