For Your Consideration: Where Have All The Fat Rappers Gone?

Emily Petrarca of The Daily Beast explores this complex and weighty issue (groan – go ahead)…

For whatever reason, summertime in New York is when all the ghosts of hip-hop past come out of the woodwork. It’s mid-June and I’m at a Celebrate Brooklyn concert headlined by the ’90s hip-hop group Blackalicious. Big Boi is supposed to be performing, but he had to cancel thanks to a mistimed jump at his last concert. The Gift of Gab, the only original member of Blackalicious present, is twice as big as Big Boi but only half as well-known. All 300 pounds of him slowly makes its way onto the stage, one of his feet lagging behind the other in a sort of smooth swagger.

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Larry Lootsteen

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