Ford Improves FM Radio Listening Experience in 2017 Models

For those who listen to the radio while driving, Ford has come up with a new way to get clearer FM radio by using two receptors. According to, “the system, which will debut on the 2017 Escape and Fusion, uses the rear window heater grid as a second antenna, allowing the vehicle to choose from multiple signals on the same frequency, depending on which is stronger”.

Ford antenna and reception engineer Andy Adrian asserts that the two antennas broadcast transitions seamlessly and there will be no splits, wisps, or hearing two stations at the same time. This will apparently also help with driving long distances. Between points A and B, radio stations become weak when two signals cross over. “With Ford’s new radio system, the brand claims there will be no interference at all”.

It’s a cool idea and I’m interested to see if it will really work as Ford claims it will.

One thought on “Ford Improves FM Radio Listening Experience in 2017 Models

  • Almost surprising that ANY manufacturer would put any effort into FM radio reception. Good on Ford for paying attention to small details.


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