Ford Talks Radio at the Consumer Electronics Show

Ford has sold a lot of vehicles based on the gadgetry they’ve develop for the dashboard.  Despite a few glitches, their SYNC system has been a big hit.

Other automobile manufacturers are following along because they realize that consumers are demanding tighter integration between their cars and smart phones.  The easier and cooler the integration, the more cars they’ll sell.  That’s one of the new marketplace realities.

In an interview with Radio Ink on Monday, Ford executive Jim Buczkowski gave his thoughts on where radio fits in this new environment.  The dash used to be the domain of AM, FM and some kind of media player (CD, cassette, 8-track) but now, radio is just one of myriad of choices for the driver.

“Customers have so many choices. Radio should worry less about technology, as streaming becomes ubiquitous, it’s about content. Consumers will be able to get the same content through an internet connection they are now getting via the antennas in local areas. Content is most important. Especially local content, from places I like or places I used to live where I liked the local personalities. That’s what it continues to be about in radio.”

I read that as “invest more in talent, radio companies.”  Read more here.

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