Former AC/DC Singer Willing to Take Over for Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson’s hearing is bad. REALLY bad. So bad that AC/DC has been forced to postpone the last ten gigs on their current tour lest Brian become totally deaf. They do plan to honour those dates, but most likely by bringing another singer off the bench. The problem is that rock bands don’t have much of a depth chart, especially when it comes to singers.

Johnson is the band’s third lead singer. Why not go back to one of the other guys? Bon Scott seems to be unavailable due his being dead. He seems unwilling to rectify that, so we can count him out. So what about Dave Evans?

Dave was AC/DC’s original frontman before being elbowed aside in favour of Scott. He’s game. Here’s what he said in the Sydney Morning Herald:

It may have been 43 years since Dave Evans briefly sung with Angus Young in the first version of AC/DC, but he says his fans would back him to fill the vacancy left by strutting lead singer Brian Johnson.

“When I perform around the world the fans love my music and my performances and I hear what they tell me,” the 62-year-old says.

Might be interesting, no? Then again, if Brian is out, that leaves AC/DC down to just a couple of long-term regulars. Malcolm is suffering from dementia and unable to do much of anything. Phil Rudd has all kinds of legal troubles. Would you pay to see a Dave Evans-fronted version of the band? Just askin’.

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