From the Dept. of Weird Rockstar Hobbies: Collecting military vehicles and other strange pastimes.

Everyone needs a hobby, something to divert the mind from the pressures of day-to-day living. Even rockstars need hobbies.

  • The Deal sisters in The Breeders like to knit. Same thing as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.
  • Iggy Pop and others paint.
  • Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones collects stamps.
  • Bob Dylan is into sculpture.
  • Grandmaster Flash collects coffee mugs.
  • Neil Young likes model trains. Same thing with Rod Stewart.
  • Brian May of Queen turned his interest in astronomy into a Ph.D. in astrophysics.
  • Damon Albarn really likes ping pong.
  • Roger Daltrey of The Who loves fishing for trout.
  • David Lovering of The Pixies has become very good at magic.
  • Before he died, Lemmy of Motorhead spent a lot of time collecting authentic Nazi memorabilia.

From there, things can get…expensive.

  • Nick Mason of Pink Floyd has an insanely large collection of cars, some of which he races. Same thing with Guy Berryman of Coldplay and Brian Johnson of AC/DC.
  • The Offspring’s Dexter Holland collects airplanes. He even has a MiG fighter.
  • Gary Numan is a certified stunt pilot.
  • Jack White is into taxidermy.

But Stephen Morris of Joy Division/New Order is a different cat altogether. He collects military vehicles.


Alan Cross

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