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2 thoughts on “Fun nostalgia: What it was like to download music in 2000

  • I was super lucky that I had a neighbour who worked at a university and he had a cable connection at home , in 1999! I had a car and he couldn’t drive, so I had $20/month high speed for nearly 2 years, I could download a whole album in under 5 minutes, (Do Doubt i think )!!

    I think he had 10 MB/S down and 2 MB/S up, maybe even less, but it was over 20 years ago, it was life changing compared to my 56K dial up. Today I run 350 down and 40 up, and somedays i bitch at that!

  • My guess is I was home for the holidays in 2000 and a friend showed me Napster. I spent hours downloading stuff and the ONE thing I remember was a version of Radiohead doing Rhinestone Cowboy. I still have that mp3.


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