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Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 120: Lost Boys of Summer


First, DO NOT PANIC. This is the last podcast of Season 2 but we’ll be back with Season 3 after a two-week hiatus. Meanwhile, Michael–who claims he’s an introvert–is having a major party at his house on Saturday that I’m expected to attend. As a true introvert, you’ll find me in the corner of the garden wishing that everyone would just leave me alone. I’ll be the guy coming late and leaving early. No offense, okay?

From the inbox:

I love the Podcast I listen to it every week. I have to admit I tuned in just for Alan because I love his On Going History of New Music show, but I quickly fell for Michaels quick wit and nerdiness. Anyways I writing because one of Best Friends Jimi is also a huge fan of the Podcast and last year he got me an Autographed G&B Miracle Travel Mug of Travling for my Birthday. So This year for his Birthday I wanted to Make the $100.00 Pledge In his honour. I want everything to be in his name and the swag pack to go to him and I would like it for the episode for the week of August 19, 2015 or the closest one to it. Here’s way; about 10 years ago Jimi’s wife Leslie had a Birthday party for Jimi, a BBQ with friends and Co-workers (Most of us where Both) and No kids (they where the only ones with kids) some drinks and good music. Well over the past decade it has evolved from that to over night camping trips so we don’t get the cops call on us, to a whole weekend celebrating Jimi’s birthday to now a butch of the close friends renting a cottage for week to celebrate it, now with kids allowed (We all have them now). This year we will be at the cottage the week of August 19 and I thought this would be a great gift.

–Jimmi Wright

Mostly because I loved how you stumbled on my name. Michael you did get perfect in the end. Not many people do. keep up the great work, this is my favourite podcast.

–Rachel & Reese Aldoroty

Time for a musical interlude.

And another.

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