Geeks & Beats Episode 27 Now Available (Show Notes, Too)

Is it just me or is this fall’s crop of new TV shows really weak?  Network TV is certainly a wasteland when it comes to new shows (although I don’t mind The Crazy Ones, the new Robin Williams/Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy).  Premium cable isn’t much better, either.  I’ve even lost interest in Boardwalk Empire. Maybe I’m just in some kind of post-Breaking Bad funk.

Time to get caught up on some Netflix watching and podcasts, I guess.  Which brings me to Episode 27 of Geeks & Beats.  Here are your show notes:

David Byrne might be a great musician, but he’s a terrible futurist

I went to see “Gravity” this weekend. It made me mad–although the sound was good

Interview: Dr. Marco Scandurra, the guy behind the cordless digital music player.

We have our contest!  

  • Bruce from Thomson, Manitoba with what SOUNDS like a Watchmen story
  • Alex Lofthouse, Toronto, Straycats security problems at Danforth Music Hall
  • Paul Allen, Winslow PEI @ Q93, takes a photo of Joe Perry

Last chance to join Zak Scott as a co-producer on next week’s episode! S02E27  @brotherdarren

Root Mean Squared (the RMS number associated with your amplifier) explained.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

Ed from Vancouver on Dynamic Range in albums

Our Lotto 649 project using our synesthesia system.

The millions of songs that go unheard.

DeliRadio: a new idea in streaming. 

KISS merchandising reaches a new low

Let me plug this book because it’s very good. 

As always, you can get the show here (stream and download) or just subscribe through iTunes.

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