Geeks&Beats Podcast, Episode 96: May the Force be With You. Wait. That’s Wrong.


Dammit, Michael! Leonard Nimoy was on Star Trek, not Star Wars! (I know he knows that, but he’s a Obi-wan guy and I’m firmly on Team Kirk. But if Mr. Spock were here, he’d mind-meld Michael’s brain to mush. And it would serve him right.)

As for me, I must apologize for the background noise this week. Our garburator backed up and we had to call an emergency plumber to snake out the drain. The problem? Egg shells.  Ground up calcium carbonate plus water plus time equals pipe-clogging limestone-like deposits. From now on, the egg shells go in the trash.

Here’s a full rundown of what you’ll find on this week’s show.

  • He’s dead, Jim. Yes, we talk about the death of Leonord Nimoy.
  • We also talk about Don Berns, the guy who hired me at CFNY back in 1986.
  • And for some reason, we segued into how Sony has stopped supporting their robot dog.
  • The Apple Watch announcement is next Tuesday. We’ve both decided we’re going to buy one–but for different reasons.
  • London Bureau Chief Phil Loftus reports on Samsung’s new smartphone. Yes, we now have a London bureau.
  • We’ve made some money. Weird.
  • Lana from Toronto is soooo bummed about Starbucks not selling CDs anymore.
  • The pocket record. It was almost A Thing back in the 60s.
  • Apple will probably mess up the iCar–unless it just buys Tesla.
  • Martin astronauts and their jet lag problem.
  • Is the Idiocracy here? Maybe not.

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