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Going to Concerts is Good for Your Health

Can going to a live music event be good for your health? Medical science says “Yes! Definitely!”

The Centre of Performance Science conducted a study that involved taking saliva samples from 117 people who went to two concerts. Analysis determined that their systems contained lower levels of chemicals that indicate the body is under stress (glucocorticoids and progesterone, in case you were wondering.) That’s good right?

Well, sort of. Let me quote:

The study also focused solely on the effects of relatively calm, classical music; more research will be needed to ascertain whether other genres of music elicit different effects or whether attending other types of cultural events has different endocrine impact. Nevertheless, this study opens up the question of how engaging with music and the arts in cultural settings can influence biological and psychological states and, consequently, the potential of cultural events to enhance people’s broader health and well-being.

Oh. Well, that’s different from spending a couple of hours banging your head at a metal show. But at least the researchers are open to looking at different kinds of gigs.

Read the full study here. (Via Metal Sucks)

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