Good News for People Who Keep Losing Their Apple AirPods

After being disappointed (and sometimes downright furious) with a series of wireless earbuds (I’m looking at you, Sony), I reluctantly shelled out over $200 for a set of Apple’s AirPods. Frankly, I thought they looked ridiculous, the visual equivalent of having a couple of cigarettes hanging out of your ears. And there was no way they were going to stay in place, right?

Wrong. I’m thrilled with the things. The audio is good enough for when I’m out running, walking the dog or doing work around the house. The Bluetooth connection to my iPhone 6S has never been anything but 100% solid and they pair with my iPhone ever single time. Battery life? More than I’ve ever needed. And the biggest surprise? They don’t fall out.

The problem, though is that they’re like gloves or socks. Because they’re not tethered together, some people have found that it’s easy to loose one of them. Then what?

Apple feels your pain, so the just-released iOS 10.3 will help. It includes a new version of Find My iPhone that will help you locate your missing AirPod.  If your ‘Pods and iPhone are paired, you can find them with a map or noise alert.

Other updates in iOS 10.3 include enhanced CarPlay, an SDK that will allow app builders to access Siri in new ways and a new file system (back up before updating!)

Details can be found here and here.


Alan Cross

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