Google Surveyed Teenagers on What They Think is Cool. Prepare Yourself.

Google, a company that knows a thing or two about analytics, thought it was time to take a close look at Gen Z, a cohort of some 60 million people who were born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s. That was a bit wide for them, so Google narrowed it down to 13-17-year-olds, asking them about tech, social media, beauty, fashion, media entertainment, sports, food, brands–and music.

If you want the full report, you can download it here, but here are a few highlights first.

Wait: Coldplay?


Alan Cross

is an internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker. In his 40+ years in the music business, Alan has interviewed the biggest names in rock, from David Bowie and U2 to Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. He’s also known as a musicologist and documentarian through programs like The Ongoing History of New Music.

One thought on “Google Surveyed Teenagers on What They Think is Cool. Prepare Yourself.

  • April 4, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Pleasantly surprised The Beatles make an appearance.

    Born in the early 80s, and for my own part I thought they were terminally uncool mom & dad music until my mid 20s… wasn’t until I discovered Tomorrow Never Knows that I realised they were utterly amazing and insanely ahead of their times.


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