Got a fussy baby? This music may save your sanity.

[A parenting report from Elish F.G.- AC]

For all the parents out there spending countless car rides and birthday parties as a way to prove to your kids that you were cool, you’re still cool and probably cooler than them, I hear you.

Your feelings are valid and you need not convince the offspring of your quintessential coolness. If you have a child and can finish the following sentence “to the windows to the wall, till the sweat drop down my ______”, you are cool, regardless of what anyone says.

Lil Jon, Miley Cyrus, and Lil Nas X aren’t names that would typically come to a parent’s mind when selecting a lullaby, In fact, CD’s, cassettes, and records by artists like these would have been confiscated or protested against. Hell, even Beatles records were destroyed in bonfires!

If four dudes in snappy suits caused such bedlam, Miley Cyrus twerking would have been apocalyptic. Nowadays, moms like Melissa Buckley (@melissa1996 on Instagram) are going viral for using songs like “Get Low” by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, feat. Ying Yang Twins, as third trimester tricks to help dance her baby into the perfect birthing position for the big day.

“Anyone else’s babies get soothed to a random song?” She asks her 19,000 followers referencing her (now) newborn’s hip hop jam of choice.

In utero is where we first develop our hearing, Nirvana fans reading this are definitely nodding. In utero as in the uterus, during the second trimester is where babies learn their environment. In fact, all the noise a baby hears in the womb helps them adjust and prepare for the birth – brings a whole new meaning to “first impressions are everything.”

With being able to detect sound so early, that lasting impression goes well beyond the birth, which is why parents around the world are relating and responding to Melissa’s instagram post with over 26 million views and thousands of comments, everything from Harry Styles to “The Office” theme song are being listed as the music that helps soothe little ones.

What To Expect the parenting website for the masses, notes that  “while you can play your favourite tunes for your baby in the womb, you should not play music to your little one in the womb all the time, so as not to disrupt sleep cycles, and keep the volume low.”

What To Expects community of parents had note of their own, make sure you like the songs you choose because you’ll be playing those songs on repeat for a few years. As cool as the Law & Order theme is, four years of it would definitely change your mind.

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