Got a Musical Fantasy? IfOnly Might Be Able to Help–If You Have the Cash

With physical music sales cratering and digital sales and streaming unable to pick up the slack, artists need to make up that revenue somehow.  Sure, they can tour more, but that has its limits. And yes, they can license their songs for commercial purposes and offer endorsements, but that well is only so deep. But what else is there?

Enter IfOnly, a site that will arrange once–in-a-lifetime experiences with tour favourite artists–for a price.

How much, for example, would you pay to hang out with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell?  A quick meet-and-greet can be arranged through IfOnly for $850.  Or you can have Chris sign a custom Harley-Davidson FXT for–wait for it–$35,000.  

And if neither of those floats your boat, you can create your own dream experience complete with a bid price.

IfOnly’s music-related opportunities are still rather limited.  For example, would you pay $750 for a shirt worn by singer Stephen Jenkins during a Third Eye Blind concert? Or $3,000 to wear a dress that Shakira once had next to her skin?  

Maybe you need to step up to something else.  How about a VIP ringside seat with Mike Tyson? That’s just $78,600.

And just to be clear, this money doesn’t just go to the celebrity.  A portion of the purchase price goes to a charity of the celeb’s choosing.

Read a profile of IfOnly at The New Yorker.


Juliette Jagger

Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist. She is on Twitter @juliettejagger.

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