Got Earbuds That Keep Falling Out? Here’s Where 3D Printing Comes In

The shape of your ears are as unique as your fingerprints, so it stands to reason than any off-the-shelf design for earbuds or in-air ‘phones aren’t going fit as well as they should.  If you want a nice, tight seal to make sure the bass stays strong, you need something bespoke.

A couple of years ago, I had a set of these things made for me at a music festival.  This involved lying down on a bench and some goop being poured into my ears which formed the basis of a custom mold.  They were expensive (about $200) and they sounded great–while they lasted.  Unfortunately, the wiring of the components wasn’t very good and the things soon shorted out.

I’ve always wanted another pair, but I wasn’t interested in going through that hassle again.  Now, though, a company called Normal says they can help.  Take a look.

Okay, that was creepy–but it has my attention.  More details at GizMag.

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