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Got Kids You Want to Educate About Music? Follow This Guy’s Lead.

This comes from a reader named Chris who believes that it’s his job as a father to educate his kids on music.  I like his style.

As an actuary, I can’t help but have an interest in human life expectancy. A short while back, I came to the sad realization that most of the pioneers of the classic rock era will be entering their seventies over the next decade – and, consequently, an increasing number of them will be passing on. Since October, we’ve already lost Jack Bruce of Cream, Ian McLagan of The Faces, and saxophonist Bobby Keys. In other words, the next few years promise to be somewhat depressing.

However, I may have found a way to ease the pain. When Joe Cocker died on December 22nd, I found Darling Be Home Soon on my iPhone and played it for my two daughters (aged 15 and 18). After that, we agreed (or more accurately, I dictated) that going forward we would play a tune from any recently deceased rock artists to commemorate their passing. Apart from serving as a personal memorial, it also gives me a chance to expose the girls to a little more music from my era.

And just maybe, they will come to realize that the music mom and dad listen to isn’t that weird after all.

If you have children, think about following Chris’ lead.  If you have an idea about how to educate the next generations on the glories of music, lemme know and I’ll arrange for some guest blog space.

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One thought on “Got Kids You Want to Educate About Music? Follow This Guy’s Lead.

  • I have been doing this for a couple of years with my niece. I have been making her CD’s by influential bands. They include famous artists like Buddy Holly, Al Green, The Beatles, Prince, and the Pixies. I have also been making sure that she is aware of not as famous bands but are just as great and also influential, bands like, The Replacements, Kraftwerk, Husker Du, Pizzicato Five, Robyn Hitchcock, Laurie Anderson, Shonen Knife and Serge Gainsberg and many others. I wanted to introduce her to the large world of music and give her a chance to hear stuff she might not otherwise hear and see what she thinks. Since she is too young to go to concerts, when I go and if I meet the band after the show I will ask them personal sign one of their CD’s for her. The Grapes of Wrath were extremely friendly when I asked them.

    It’s like when I was growing up my dad used to play me lots of delta blues and folk records, and I will always have a great fondness for those styles of music. As I grow older I appreciate more and more the great music that he introduced me to like Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mississippi John Hurt, Woody Guthrie and many more.

    That’s my story on helping educate my niece on great music.


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