The Great Radio Wanker Caper

Something very odd happened with a radio station called Mansfield 103.2 in the UK. The regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by a rather rude song from the 1970s by Ivor Biggun. “The Winker’s Song”–the sanitised version of “The Wanker’s Song”–blared through the speakers instead of the usual diet of pop hits like “Hanging on a Telephone Line” by Blondie.

Here’s the track

And after it happened once, it happened again. And again. Someone was breaking into the transmission to play a naughty song about masturbation. So far, there have been eight incidences of wanker interventions.

Ofcom said it was taking the incident “extremely seriously” and its engineers were working closely with the radio station to trace and identify the pirate.

Listeners were last subjected to the song, which uses the word “wanker” 36 times, this weekend during a live family broadcast from Mansfield’s Party in the Market event.

It is believed the rogue broadcaster could be using a small transmitter to play the adult theme on the same frequency, overriding the station’s scheduled programming.

Tony Delahunty, managing director of Mansfield 103.2, said: “Some people have told me that their children have started humming the song in the car.

“We have had calls from people who have found it hilarious, while some have raised their concerns, including our competitors, and a lot of people in the industry are aghast at how difficult it is to stop these people.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he added: “There’s is absolutely nothing we could do about it and we’re trying very hard to do something about it.

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