Your Guide to the Biggest Douchebags in Classic Rock

Tom forwards this article from LA Weekly that purports to out the biggest d-bags in the classic rock world.  What qualifies someone for such an honour?  Narcissism, egoism and assorted examples of bad/stupid/disrespectable behaviour all contributes to their douchebaggery quotient.

I’ll start you off with #10.  Go here for the rest of the list.

Grateful Dead - Jerry Garcia 1

10. Jerry Garcia 
Garcia’s gutless, drug-addled brand of candyass jamming wreaked havoc on rock ‘n’ roll, derailing what had been a form of rebel confrontation and paving the way for spineless hippie quasi-folk. Garcia’s guitar was always listless, flabby and aimless. He never went anywhere and always took his sweet time doing it, yet is endlessly venerated as a soloist on par with the greatest names in musical history. Hogwash. The ultimate illustration of Garcia’s dead-from-the-neck-up approach came when an SFPD officer, patrolling Golden Gate Park at noontime in January 1985, got an acrid whiff of Garcia’s burning cocaine — the peace-and-love icon was freebasing in the front seat of his BMW. Far out, man.

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One thought on “Your Guide to the Biggest Douchebags in Classic Rock

  • July 29, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Wow, there are people named Pete Seeger, Tom Morello, Brian Fallon, Lorde etc etc who would disagree about the Boss


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