The Other Guy From Ministry Has A New Band

If you were into industrial during the 80’s and 90’s, one of the biggest and most influential bands around was Ministry. In the studio, Ministry was mainly made up of two guys, Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker. They toured and lived fairly hard core lives for a number of years until Barker split from the band in 2004. After that there was a lawsuit from Jourgensen and some other issues and Barker kind of went a little low key.

So what’s the other guy who helped create Psalm 69 been up?

He’s had a few bands over the years and he also helped found Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation, a company that makes effects pedals and synth modules but as of late, he’s turned is eyes back to music with a new band called Bells Into Machines. He’s joined by another Ministry alumni, Chris Connelly and honestly, so far it sounds rather promising.

What started out as an ep has apparently grown into a full album and the band has started sharing mixes and demos. Take a listen to this one, I’m curios what other people think.

Brent Chittenden

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