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This Heavy Metal Elon Musk Tribute Band Wants To Launch A SATELLITE

There’s a little power metal band in the States that is obsessed with Elon Musk. They’re named Raptor Command and they call themselves an Elon Musk tribute act. They love what the guy is trying to do for humanity through endeavours like SpaceX and Tesla, and want to help spread his message in the best way they can: through ripping heavy metal. Their first single “Elon: Champion For Humanity” landed last year, but they haven’t been resting. Raptor Command is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, and unveiled a Kickstarter to help make it happen…and to launch a satellite.

That’s right. The base $5,000 goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to complete the finishing touches and cover the manufacturing costs of upcoming album Elon, but they have an ambitious stretch goal: to launch a Musk-and-metal-inspired satellite. Like, the kind that orbits in space. There’s a type of small, relatively inexpensive component called the CubeSat that can be attached to a full satellite, and that’s what Raptor Command hopes to put out. And their goal? Here’s what they’ve got to say:

“The cubesat satellite is designed to transmit our music, along with various Elon concepts and quotes, all around the world and out into space. We feel strongly that the world needs to be made well aware of the important work that Elon is doing in sustainable energy, making humanity a multi-planetary species, and enabling a smooth entry into a society that coexists with artificial super-intelligence.”

The stretch goal to launch the satellite is a lofty $250,000, but the band also has ideas for how to help the public along the way. Raptor Command wants to incorporate an on-board camera and broadcasting equipment that would allow hobbyists with basic equipment to access the satellite, too. But in the end, it’s all about the music’s message. The band says, “we hope that the world will recognize the importance of our message and the work that Elon is doing. It will lead us all to a bright, hopeful, adventurous future that we can all look forward to.”

You can follow along with the campaign on the Kickstarter page, or check out Raptor Command’s Facebook for more info. But what about the music?! The band’s latest single and music video “Fusion Reactor (In The Sky)” also accompanied the release of the Kickstarter, which you can view below.

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