UPDATE: A mystery song may have been identified.

I got this link from reader Scott who is hoping for some help with this mysterious song that seems to have gripped–of all places–Brazil.

You would think with my long history with CFNY/102.1 the Edge (est. 1986) that I’d be able to identify this mystery song, but I can’t. It’s New Order-ish, but I’m pretty sure it’s not them. My guess is that it’s mid-80s Cancon, although it also might be an obscure English import that we played back in the day.

Can you solve the mystery? (Yes, the post is more than a year old, but hey, it’s still a fun mystery, right?)

UPDATE: According to a comment on this YouTube video, the song is “Subways of Your Mind” by Randall Turner. That doesn’t ring any bells with me, but maybe my memory is faulty. (Thanks to Darren for the update. He did all the work.)

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One thought on “UPDATE: A mystery song may have been identified.

  • December 21, 2021 at 11:43 am

    Hi Alan
    Thanks for linking the song on the blog. To clarify, I personally think it’s highly unlikely this song was played anywhere on your side of the Atlantic.
    People are have been trying to identify the song from the early 2000s. What happened was that a guy who made at least 40 mix tapes wanted help identifying songs he recorded from German radio stations. Most have been identified apart this one. The last song to be identified was a peculiar track called “Henry Subwaymurder”, which only exists on a rare DJ promo CD.
    We know this song was taped from German radio. Since it uses the DX-7 Synthesizer it must be from at least 1983 but more likely 1984 or 1985. Going by the other tracks on the mix tape, it’s unlikely to be later than 85.
    Unfortunately this Randall Turner is just an Internet troll who, like many, has come up with a fake claim to the song. It’s not just trolls though, two artists have claimed to know the singer:

    Billy Knight, who says it is Alvin Dean, now deceased singer of his New Wave band Statues in Motion.

    Ronnie Rocket, who says it is Christian Brandl, now deceased singer of his post punk group Underground Corpses.

    Both claims have been met with skepticism but Ronnie has submitted a copyright claim to the song.

    No one who has claimed the song has been able to supply a recording of it or explain how it was recorded

    Unfortunately the most likely theory is that it was a demo tape which no longer exists.

    The most likely titles for the song are:
    Like The Wind
    Check It In, Check It Out,
    Summer Blues
    Subways of Your Mind.

    One song solved recently was a synthpop song by a Canadian band “Suns of One” called “Calling”. It didn’t become a hit.


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