September 22, 2023
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Here’s a Book for Anyone Who Loves Canadian Music

For years, Canadians did a really lousy job of documenting this country’s music history. That, however, began to turn around in the 1990s and there are a number of excellent books on what our artists have contributed to the world of rock and beyond.

But outside of a few books on, say, the Junos, or an ancient book by Ritchie York, there hasn’t been a comprehensive history of Canadian rock–at least none that I can remember. Bob Mersereau has tried to fix that with a new tome called–appropriately–The History of Canadian Rock’n’Roll.

Here’s how Bob described it to me in an email:

This one is a full Canadian music history (well, the rock and roll era), they actually approached me, seems Canadian musicians have been doing so well of late (Drake, Bieber, Avril, Arcade Fire to Rush, Cohen, etc.) that they felt our fine American friends would love a Canadian music history.  And of course, they’ll sell it in Canada too.  It’s a real overview, so much to get through in 280 pages…  oh well.  Lots on 60’s/70’s, The Hawk, Yorkville, Neil and Joni, etc.  Neil Peart wrote the foreword, great guy that he is, did a full chapter almost, all about growing up listening to great Canadian bands. 

The book won’t be out until May 19, but you can already pre-order it through Amazon.  Looking forward to it.

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