Here’s a challenge: Can you identify this song from the mid-90s from just a two-second sample?

I love mysteries like this, but I hate it when I’m stumped. Ethan emailed me with this story about a mystery song:

I have a bit of a mystery that I’m hoping you could help me solve. There’s this song that I’ve been trying to identify for the past 2 years. About two seconds of it were accidentally recorded over a video of me as a baby. All that I know for sure about the video is that it was recorded on New Country Network in Canada between 95-96, and that the guitar the man in the video plays is a Parker Fly, which places it after 1993.

Practically my whole life, I’ve been wondering what song that was and nobody seems to have the answer. I recently posted a video to TikTok and someone suggested that I ask you about it because you seem to have knowledge of every song played in Canada from the 80s to now. 

Challege accepted. Anyone?

@ethantothemax A little explanation of my ongoing search for a mysterious 90s country song that aired in Canada between 1995 and 1996. #canada#canadianmusic#countrymusic#90s#mysterioussong#lostwave#ncn#parkerfly#90smusic#mystery#vhs#homevideo ♬ original sound – Ethan

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One thought on “Here’s a challenge: Can you identify this song from the mid-90s from just a two-second sample?

  • March 21, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    Mysteries like this is the internet at its best. All my Googling has only turned up various other posts looking for the same answers so far.


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