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Here’s the Latest Top 10 List of the Most Expensive Collectible Vinyl in the World

The vinyl market can be fickle with big bids on eBay that distort everything. But if you go right to the top of the Most Expensive Collective Vinyl© chart, the items listed are pretty stable with prices that are increasing slowly. All values USD.

1.The Beatles “White” Album, serial number 00000001: $910,000

All original pressings of the album were given a serial number with the first four going to members of the Beatles. Surprisingly, Ringo got the very first album, which was sold at auction last year for an insane amount of money. The cash went to charity.

2. “That’ll Be the Day/In Spite of All the Danger” from The Quarrymen: $125,000

John, Paul, George, drummer Colin Hanton and pianist Duff Lowe recorded this acetate in the front room of an amateur Liverpool recordist in 1958. There’s just one copy and Paul McCartney is not letting it out of his sight.

3. “Love Me Do” from The Beatles: ~$100,000

Another one-of-a-kind acetate (test pressing) from 1963. It’s completely unedited and even has the count-in preserved.

4. Music for Supermarkets by Jean Michel Jarre: $37,500

One copy of this 1983 album exists. Jarre destroyed the master tapes after pressing that one album. Weird.

5. “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) from Frank Wilson: $31,000

Frank recorded this one for Soul, an offshoot of Motown. Only two originals are known to exist.

6. “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols: $15,000 (but has sold for more)

It has to be one of the supposed-to-be-destroyed copies on A&M after the band was kicked off the label after just five days.

7. “Would You Believe” by Billy Nicholls: $12,500

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of this one. Only 100 copies of this 60s-era psych/folk record were ever manufactured.

8. Please Please Me by The Beatles: ~$9.500

There are millions of these records around, so the one you want is the original 1963 issue on Parlophone, matrix number PCS 3042.

9.”Kind Hearted Woman” Blues from Robert Johnson: $8,750

One of the 38 sides cut by Johnson before he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. This 78 RPM one came out on the Vocalion label, which makes it especially rare.

10. “Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m in My Love with My Car” from Queen: $6,250

You’re looking for the special edition on EMI that was used to invite people to a company soiree. And having the record isn’t enough; you need the accompanying book of matches, pen, tick, menu, outer card sleeve, scarf and an official EMI goblet.

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